The Artist

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Taylor Millet

Taylor Millet is an artisan from downtown Salt Lake City, UT. After some intensive art tutoring in high school, he attended Manuel Sanchez’s Art Institution in Barcelona, Spain for four months. He traveled to Europe for two more months to develop his first watercolor series that would launch his solo artistic career in Utah. Since then, his work has been exhibited in numerous dolor and group art shows. Taylor creates Fine Art, Jewelry, Sculptures, Music, and Tattoos out of his home studio in Salt Lake City. He was taught how to tattoo by artist Chris Jent in Layton, UT. Surpassing many in skill, composition, and quality in tattooing, he started his Sailor Taylor Tattoo. His final works show the detail of accurate fine lines and solid colors, coupled with his skill of composition; these displayed Tattoos speak for his skill. Sailor Taylor Tattoo will present you with quality fine arts, and the most outstanding tattoos you would ever lay eyes on. Book today, and get your spot on his immediate schedule! Shop for unique art pieces; or even suggest your own fascinating design, and he will draw it up for you in no time!